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Biography of  d'Avis de Grand Frais

Translated from the French article of  Marie-Claudine CHAUPITRE - Ouest-France - 2013/07/26

Their shared history began after a good meal, with joy and some sea shanties. Twelve years later, this generous band hits at the time of the summer festivals.

It was in 2001,at Binic in Brittany. A chorus, a guitar, a diatonic accordion and the love of maritime heritage. "Avis de Grand Frais" was simply created by eight good friends.

Starting with the pub terraces during the local festival of "La Morue". The success makes them want to go further. Over time, the band of revelers grows to nine, then ten ... Recruits two brothers, talented musicians.

The musical repertoire grows, and the performances followed one after another. But be aware : "Avis de Grand Frais" is a band like no other. The business is not their motivation.

They just sing for fun and they use their profits for charity (sick children and volunteer coast guards): Shanties and sea festivals or simple concerts. They play in Brittany, in Paris/Montmartre, in Vendée and Belgium.

Last night, the guys were playing at Nocturnes Festival in Saint-Brieuc. A beautiful and communicative energy, inventive arrangements, songs beyond the borders off the traditional sailor songs. And woe to anyone who believe to be dealing with amateurs. If they are amateurs with the positive sense of the word - the one who loves - the guys of "Avis de Grand Frais" are much more.

"We're lucky with our three young good musicians, they raise up the quality of the whole band, " say the comrades. "We also recruit with a strong criteria of band spirit, and the new recruits match well!," says René himself "adopted" a few years ago.

Some are in their thirties, with small children and a job. Others are in their sixties, retired and as free as the birds. All of them sailing with a good spirit from one concert to the next. "The food is as important as the concert!" warns Fred, summing up the general philosophy. On tour, the Michelin Guide of restaurants is never far away, and the third half time often prolongs the service, after setting the stage on fire.

Their twelve common musical life experienced misfortunes. Three of them escaped to the afterlife after making a lot for the band. They were Alain Gicquel, Jean-Marie Ethévenard and Gerard Le Picard, who died in September.

To summarize, those who stay refers to the French poet and singer George Brassens : "When one of them was missing on board, it was because he was dead.” Still, they stay on course. "The group has to continue," Yves swears. "Long live to Avis de Grand Frais !" Replies his audience.


Avis de Grand Frais is an association created in 2001.

According to the status of the assocation, every year "Avis de Grand Frais" makes donation of its profits to :

  • Charity for sick childrens
  • National Society of Sea Rescuers (SNSM)
  • Already more than € 20,000 donated since the group's birth.

But "Avis de Grand Frais" is primarily a group of friends gathered to sing and give a good mood.

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A big thank you to all those who support us!